A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor


Choosing the right doctor for you could lead to a life or death decision. How would you know if your professional healthcare provider has the adequate experience or education to care for your health? This expert offers a few tips to help you choose the best qualified and the best suited doctor to meet your healthcare needs. Her tips include:

•What hospitals and health plans know about your doctor.
•What you can find out about your doctor’s experience and history.
•How to define the characteristics of the doctor you want to treat you.
•How to define the characteristics you don’t want.
•Resources for helping you make your decision.
•Resources to help you control your medical care.

This is a must read for anyone who is searching for the right practitioner. If you are not, the next time someone asks you for a recommendation, tell them to pick up a copy of this informative resource guide.


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